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    Elena V Haute Couture is New York based costume design house worth strong consideration for all you can wear on the dance floor.
    Behind the label, costume designer, Elena V contributed her artistic talent and passion for Dancesport, creating most innovative, super-sexy silhouettes, reminding us that there’s always room for more sensuality and glamour.
    Elena's charismatically elegant, exotic dance costumes push sensuality to the limit, accentuating dancer’s emotions and movement, while creating personalities.

    Elena's unconventional, iconic style make her designs not just beautiful, but also very interesting and inventive. Rich vibrant colors, artistic shapes, exquisite beading, fringing, embroidery and creative application of Swarovski elements flavored with Flamenco passion and a huge dose of effortless elegant glamour influenced by Latin style became her signature brand. Each of her designs tells a story and compliments dancer’s creative expression.
    She debuted fashionably chic flair to the dance costume and mastered the idea to design a super hot sexy look with timeless elegance.