Finding A Ballroom Dance Partner

  • You don’t need a partner to learn how to ballroom dance. Classes are filled with prospective partners and dances usually provide amply opportunity for everyone to dance with nearly everyone else. If you want to take your dancing to the next level with serious study and practice, you may find yourself in search of a good dance partner. There are two ways to go about this – real world and virtual.

    The Real World Way to Find A Great Dance Partner

    If you’ve come this far you must be at least partially entrenched in your dance community. So the first thing to do is spread the word.

    • Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a ballroom dance partner.
    • Post a sign at your dance studio, at your church, or grocery store.
    • Talk to everyone in your classes. If you want a partner to eventually compete with, make it clear that you’re looking for someone on your level that you feel you dance well with. Don’t be afraid to turn down someone that you don’t think is a good fit.
    • On the other hand, consider indoctrinating a friend or loved one. They may have some catching up to do, but you already know their personality well and finding a good fit personality wise is half the battle!

    The Virtual Way to Find A Great Dance Partner

    That being said, your personal community is only so large. The internet, however, is nearly infinite and provides various ways that you can search for your perfect ballroom partner.

    • Dance Classifies – Many dance websites let you post an “ad” looking for a dance partner. You can post based on  your geographic location, your dance style, and your skill level. You can also post a profile of yourself so that other partner-seekers might stumble across it and contact you.
    • Craigslist – It’s the number one site for bringing people together for practical purposes. IF you want to buy, sell, hire, or find, Craigslist will connect you with a ton of people quickly and for free.
    • Your dance studio’s website – Target local dance sites and check out the forums. Anyone looking for a partner will likely post here.
    • – You can find people interested in just about any sort of pastime or hobby. Join a ballroom dancing meet up group or start one of your own! Even when we live in close proximity to one another, there are so many people we have never met. Meet up brings locals together.