Choosing a Dance Studio: Chain vs. Private Studios

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    In some cases, many dancers, especially beginners, have a hard time deciding between chain and private dance studios. In the end, you might fall into spending more money than you should. If you feel that you paid too much money to dance in a studio, finish your package, and look for another studio. When you are offered to take up the next level, do not be shy to refuse. Realize what is best for you at that point. Here are a few tips for beginners:
    1. Set a budget and goals.
    2. Do your research! Before signing up, read the company’s website, and write down important information, such as price ranges, packages, etc. You can even check out discussion forums, and ask professional dancers your questions.
    3. Look for something that best fits your interest. If you like to be in control of everything, there are studios that let you choose what you want to do, in what environment, with which instructor.
    4. A better idea is to not sign any contracts. You can search for an independent instructor, read reviews and ask others about him or her. Pay them as you go – that way they will work for the money.
    5. If you are already in a studio, take advantage of your classes!
    6. If you feel that you overpaid, read the state laws.
    Remember that the most important thing is to stick with your goals! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is better to make decisions slowly, rather than lose your money in the long run. Good luck!
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